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Kharis Recruitment Centre
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  Institutions on a global scale are becoming more and more aware that employees are their most valuable assets and a limitless reservoir for new ideas and growth.  To guarantee the future of our organizations, we must at all times do our utmost to maintain and manage this resource wisely.

At Kharis Recruitment Centre we recognize that determined and constant effort must be engaged to find and keep personnel whose character and attitudes are likely to be congruent with the organization's mission and its own efforts at successful management

Kharis Recruitment Centre has adopted the slogan - "Connecting Work to Purpose".  We believe that the most significant principle under-girding a person's choice of vocation is that it should fit his/her overall purpose in life and not seen as a separate entity.

Every employer should therefore seek to guide individuals in achieving their purpose in life whilst  fulfilling or  accomplishing goals of the organization.

An insightful person once said "Find a Job you love and you never have to work a day in your life."

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