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Kharis Recruitment Centre
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Research companies or industries.

An interactive Web-based training program designed to give managers at all levels a solid overview of how
to identify and hire people who perform effectively.

Stay up to date on HR practices.

A short list of tips on managing temporary employees

A robust site claiming to be the most comprehensive resource for recruiters on the Net. Sections include articles, industry news, recruiter job postings, salary surveys, and much more.

Online site related to print magazine of the same name. Features include resources for growing companies, a management tip of the day, news and articles about employment/employee issues, and much more.


An e-zine with resources for employees and employers. Features include articles, lively user communities, a resume bank, and recruiter and consultant directories.

A British HR site with much globally applicable information, such as sections on recruiting and employee relations. Feature articles address the HR/employee relationship, hiring online, workplace psychological and emotional issues, managing employees, and more.

An career guide from Fast Company that helps workers determine whether they're in the right field, how they can market themselves, how they should search for a job, and whether they should become a freelancer or contractor.

For all your corporate imaging needs

A  multi-disciplinary design company with expertise in, and access to the full spectrum of audio visual communications media. Envision your success today!